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TGMS Field Trip

FOR: TGMS Members Only!

POLICY: Must be a TGMS Member in good standing of the Society at the regular meeting immediately preceding the special event (i.e., field trips)

WHERE:  Buckskin Mountains, Bouse, AZ - Collecting: Copper minerals and beautiful hematite crystals with quartz crystals, epidot, cummingtonite, augite, wulfenite (occasional), barite, limonite cubes after pyrite, and druzy quartz, druzy chrysocolla, acicular malachite, chrysocolla pseudomorphs, fluorite, yard rocks of all colors, and many other associated minerals. 

WHAT TO BRING/HAVE ON A FIELD TRIP:  1. Long pants and long sleeved blouses or shirts!  2. Sturdy shoes! NO flip flops or open toed shoes!  3. Must bring a hard hat!  4. Safety glasses!  5. Collecting buckets, egg cartons, back packs!  6. Gloves!  7. Hammers or other collecting tools!  8. Medications, water, sunscreen, food!

Please read the AFMS field trip collecting "Code of Ethics"

For more information on this field trip, contact the TGMS office.

Earlier Event: April 15
Twenty-Fourth Annual Symposium