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Show Recap - 2014 - Exhibits Chair

What a Show!

The new layout, spiffy new-style dealer booths, carpeting, the Umbrellas of Cherbourg (nice touch Linda!) ... all topped by the new exhibit cases that shone almost as well as their contents... led to effusive and non- stop compliments from set-up to strike. Have to start by thanking the 136 museums and private collectors who once again brought the kind of quality exhibits that set our show apart and helped our 60TH Show set a new high-water mark even for TGMS. A number of long-time exhibitors mentioned that they like the new cases so much they are going to have to bring even better exhibits next year to do the cases justice! Several “once and future” exhibitors asked to be sure they’re on the invitation list for next year since they can see they want to be part of a whole new era in the TGMS Show. Get your requests for cases for 2015 in now ... space will fill up fast and we'd love to have more member exhibits. 

Diamonds, gold, silver and gems galore twinkled from the new cases and (almost) rendered the hard work of case preparation and lining invisible. Kudos to Wayne Klement, Robert Crowell and Elaine Hughes and their hard-working case-lining and construction teams who worked hard to put our new cases into service both at Arizona Cine and the TCC. This included TGMS stalwarts Bob Melzer, Dave Arens, Alrene Hibben, Don and Sue Feyrer, Jeannette and Bob Barnes, Jan Reue, Janet and Ted Rupp, Anneliese and Jerrold Foley, Donna Pugh, Deborah Alderman, Dave and Barb Witwer, Mark Marikos, Bette Powell ,Sarah Day, Mike Braswell, Ellen Alexander and Richard Nassi. 

TGMS President Diane Braswell and Show Chair Paul Harter pitched in too. Special thanks go out to Wayne’s hard-working brother Larry, Don Morin, Twink Monrad, ... all non-members who rolled up their sleeves and gave a lot of their time! (We’ll have to see about modifying that non-TGMS status!). A number of these folks were pivotal to the process from construction to lining to final strike ...thank you all ... and thanks (and an apology) to any others who I am overlooking in my post-TGMS fatigue. 

It was a tough job making all those new liners ... and hoping they’d all fit right! With no inventory to fall back on it was fortunate most exhibitors paid attention to the fact their old liners wouldn’t work and made new ones. (Imagine! reading the instructions! Guess there’s a first time for everything.) The new case design made putting in liners and risers incredibly fast, easy and secure (the only liners I saw falling over were folks who had skimped on the height so they missed the groove) and lots of exhibitors praised being able to focus on their rocks rather than fooling with setting their case up. 

I can’t remember a move-in ever going so smoothly ... getting in early and having a little extra time helped immensely. Thanks to Linda, Lee, Kirstin, Bre and their entire Arizona Cine team for building the best looking show ever, despite all the changes and upgrades. And, as always, thanks to all the friendly TGMS volunteers who make folks feel welcome ... and eager to return.

John and Nancy Howard get major credit for volunteer coordination with thanks to their entire team: Don and Sue Feyrer, Jeannette and Bob Barnes, Herb Ross, David Clement, Donna Pugh, Karyl Lynch, Dave Cormier, Bob and Yvonne Lind, Bob O’Donnell, Mike Hollonbeck, Tim McClain, Bob Morgan, Bob Kerr, Dana Cote, Madison Barkley and Barb Muntyan. Special thanks to my trouble-shooters Steve Slaff, Erick Weiland, Ron Pellar, Bill Besse, and Jaye Smith! (Anyone notice that the same names keep turning up? ... operators are standing by to help put yours among them!)

As always, security was excellent thanks to Pat and TPD. It’s a testament to what a good time our Show is that the TPD officers compete to work our Show ... and it’s a real joy to see Officer Mark Evanoff rattling off the story of the diamond tiaras in the Smithsonian- centric focus pod. I think he learns more than anyone else at our show ... except the folks guided through the exhibits by Ellen's docents.

No show follow-up report could be complete without once again recognizing the hard work Pat and Rose put in year-round to make our Show the Best! Rose’s attention to detail keeps the invitations going out right year after year ... and saves me from much embarrassment on set-up! I’d be lost (or at least working a whole lot harder) without her. And it’s impossible to say enough about Pat’s tireless (well almost ... after six weeks of 18 hour days she does start to show fatigue around Saturday night) work on each and every aspect of the Show. Anyone who thinks it’s “just a job” to them is not paying attention!!! Next time you see them let them know how much you appreciate all they do for TGMS.

Again, thanks to all ... catch your breath ... get some sleep, and let’s do it again ... it’s FUN!

Peter Megaw
Special/Guest Exhibits Chair