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Anna grew up as a keen observer of minerals from all over the world. Having lived on four continents already at her young age, she has experienced a depth of cultural wealth, and now hones her mineralogy skills at the University of Arizona, studying Geology and Management Information Systems. 

Her love for mineralogy has steadily grown over the past five years since she joined the Society in 2011. She enjoys the Rock Talks as a primary place for her to learn and connect with others. Drawn to the beauty of copper and exploratory geology field, Anna considers herself a "hesitant collector" — mainly in response to the total amount of collected items shown in the picture above. For her, copper has been an important guiding force throughout her family's life, charting them on a global course. 

This past year, Anna was awarded the TGMS Annual Student Scholarship — a scholarship fund used to support and grow the knowledge of minerals at the university level. This summer, she plans on investing it abroad in New Zealand at a field camp, completing a field mapping course. As she collects data and samples, she will be learning how to process and interpret the data in meaningful and useful ways. This field mapping course is her 'real world' graduate program—putting together her two majors of Geology and Management Information Systems to good use.

Anna in her own words:

"I would like to express my great appreciation to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society for awarding their Scholarship to me. I have been greatly inspired by the club and its members and all the wonderful events and opportunities I have experienced through them. The scholarship will allow me to attend geologic field camp — a mapping course I will complete in New Zealand. Thank you!" 

21 years old
Primary focus: Geology and studies at the University of Arizona
Society Member since 2011