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A neighbor invited Ellen to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show where she was ‘in awe” of the new world of rocks and minerals she discovered there. Not long after, Ellen’s husband overheard Andy Anderson talking about minerals and Andy encouraged Ellen to join a weekly micromount meeting hosted by the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society.

There Ellen discovered her love of thumbnails — minerals that fit in cubic box that is no larger than 1”. Her first was an Annabergite. Then, in the first gem and mineral book she bought, she happened upon a page that mentioned Laurium, Greece, and Annabergite. In that moment it clicked for Ellen. Gems and minerals are not only full of wonder, but they are formed all over the world, each unique to its geographical location.

Ellen became a Society member in 2000, and since then, has served in a variety of positions. Ellen has a logical approach and so it was natural that she would help manage the Society’s fiscal affairs and be the Show’s treasurer. She is credited with taking the process digital and creating new holding fund accounts, both of which have helped the society stabilize and grow. The Society continues to rely on Ellen to manage these accounts. Thanks to her insight and ‘can do’ attitude, Ellen continues to support the Society, setting it up for success into the future.

In her own words:
“Volunteer! Remember we are a volunteer organization. Without volunteers the show literally does not go on.”

Focus: Thumbnails collector
Society member since 2000