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From an early age, Jessie always knew she was interested in the outdoors. Growing up, she spent most of her time outside with her family in Northern California. When she entered high school, Jessie realized her love of rocks and taught herself 130 different rocks and minerals by name. Now, as a senior at the University of Arizona, she is studying Geology and has been awarded a scholarship for her academic excellence by the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society.

Jessie chose the University of Arizona because of their reputation as a leader in geological science. Her freshman year she joined the Society of Earth Science Students and has worked her way up from outreach coordinator to president. She hopes to use her role as president to reach out to other clubs and societies and collaborate further.

The scholarship will fund her field camp trip through the western part of the United States this summer. This mandatory trip is a five-week excursion mapping, hiking, and camping with other students also studying geology. She is grateful to TGMS for giving her the opportunity to participate in the program and is looking forward to her future with the Society.

In her own words:

“Thank you for Tucson Gem & Mineral Society's role, not only in paying for the [field camp] aspect of my education, but for what they do in the community. Working with them and getting to know them over the past three years at the Show has been amazing.”

21 years old
Focus: Studies Geology at the University of Arizona
Society member since 2014