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#3 Report From Munich - 2015

Report on Munich 2015 - TGMS Roving Reporter, Paul Harter

DAY 3!!!

Today was setup day.   So different than in Tucson in that vehicles drive onto the floor, exhibit spaces are built with sheetrock, which is taped, textured and painted.  There are different types of booths from elaborate rigid walls to table tops.   So many of our dealer friends are here.  I know I will miss some but they include the Jungle Buyer, Arkenstone , Kristalle, Crystal Classics, Alain Martaud, Pala International, Bryan Lees and Cal Graeber.  Again my apology to those I missed. 

We got to the show about 3:00.  Lots of specimens were being placed on shelves.  I saw several pink fluorites from Mt. Blanc, small but choice pink, an unusual quartz gwindle from Mt. Blanc that was clear and not smokey, medium deep purple fluorite from Spain, beautiful Tanzanite crystals, many exceptional specimens from Tsumeb, which of course was at one time an area under German control.  Even saw A few minerals from the US including SHM rhodochrosite, Illinois fluorite and Bisbee copper.  There is not much from the US.  The other topic of great interest is the immigration and customs situation that may be facing our non-resident dealer so.  I had not been inside the building more than 30 seconds before I started getting questions.

Being a setup day I knew there was no reason to get to the show early, so one more field trip.  This time we went to the BMW museum and then to the  Olympic  park.  A great way to see so many outstanding BMW autos, engines, etc.  today's picture is of a 1955 Isetta.  This car was powered by a motorcycle engine and could seat three.  It would probably drive Ralph Nader crazy as a totally unsafe vehicle.  But it would sure be fun to drive one.

Thursday's show report will have mineral pictures.