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.... For Minerals!!!

All The Way From Connecticut To Arizona - For Minerals!!!

A couple of months ago a correspondence was received at our TGMS Office from a lady in Connecticut asking for assistance in helping her eight year old daughter Hannah, an avid rock hound, enhance her Tucson visit by recommending "dig sites."  This information was referred to me to try to assist her in making this visit a positive experience.  All the "dig sites" I could think of were either closed to the public, dangerous (snakes, heat, rough terrain) or only 4-wheel drive accessible.  So with the help of Pat McClain, we came up with a plan. I created a collection of Arizona, New Mexico and California minerals in our traditional egg carton and Pat made a "goodie bag" including a T-shirt, coloring book/crayons and “A Quest for Shiny Purple Crystal” storybook. Merritt Simmons also contributed some very colorful Moroccan specimens.  Hannah was also given a couple of passes to the Desert museum so she could explore their Geology exhibit and little "dig site."

                  Nancy .... Hannah ... Becky

                  Nancy .... Hannah ... Becky

I met with Hannah, her Mom Becky and Grandmother Nancy, at  Purple Heart Park to give her all the gifts from TGMS.  She was so excited with everything I brought and they were all so complementary of our willingness to help out a little girl who loves rocks and encourage her in her hobby.

Thank you all so much for your donations and encouragement in making this kind of thing possible. This is our future, we must not let it slip away.

By Diane Braswell