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Inspired by a love of science and discovery, Caleb became a member in 2014 upon winning the [TGMS] Award at the Regional Science Fair.  He is quick to describe the bounty he came home with; a trophy, t-shirt, waterbottle, plaque, and his coverted TGMS membership for a year, the most at the whole science fair.  His award winning project ("Caving in the Kitchen") will be on display at the 2015 Show to inspire even more kids.  His experiment compared the capillary actino of fabrics by utilizing an epsom salt solution to form crystals.  He hopes to go to Karchner Caverns as a reward from his parents for his work.

Caleb's interest in minerals and fossils is genuine, and his parents are great proponents of his continued exploration in this area of science.  His mom even loaned him $50 recently to purchase a coveted fossil, which he is paying back by having his own yard sale.  They also took a trip to the Central Coast of California to visit family and explore for some new specimens.  The exploration was a huge success!  His face still lights up talking about his fossil finding in California, describing it as the best day of his life yet.

His room is filled with minerals and fossils, all neated organized and labeled.  His award on display near his sabertooth replica.  Amidst many other science experiments and tools sits his microscope (a gift last Christmas) on his desk, where he does his work.  His interest in the field began while watching a documentary on Netflix.  Since then his parents have helped him cultivate the fascination, hoping and somewhat already believing it'll stick.  Caleb already desires to be a Biologist, palentologist or meterologist when he grows up. 

Look for Caleb at the Show next year with his project, and if he is lucky, at the Society meetings and events.  While he loves being a part of the Society, they live far from the office so his attendance at will have to depend on the transportation of his parents, for now.

8 years old
Primary focus: fossils
SARSEF Award Winner
Society Member since 2014