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Anna loves rocks. During her work-study at Edinburgh University, Anna’s passion for minerals began. With the encouragement of her professor, her studies shifted from astronomy to focus on mineralogy. Following graduation in 1975, she moved to the southwest and eventually joined the team at the Desert Museum. Helping to pioneer the mineral exhibit hall and continuing to build mineral exhibits over the years, Anna now serves as the Earth Science Curator Emeritus. Today she can be found cataloging, maintaining, and preparing exhibits for display.

In 1978, Anna was introduced to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society where she became a member. Over the years, she has held many positions including secretary, membership secretary, and show treasurer. Then in 1986, she took over coordinating the Arizona Regional Science Fair for children 8th grade and under, organizing and judging the event. Anna shares her knowledge, experience, and travels with the Society in her Rock Talk writings "Where in the World is Anna" as well as other articles.

Read some of her articles here: Rock Talk

In her own words:

“The Society has given me the opportunity to get acquainted with museums and mineral collections all over the world...It gives me chills talking about things like [the Society]. It is the opportunity that has been afforded to me, just by being a member.”

65 years old
Primary focus: Mineralogy - pseudomorphs
Society members since 1978