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Wolfgang & Diana

Wolfgang and Diana Mueller are best known for lapidary and jewelry making. They are leaders in the gem and mineral fashioning world. A high level of craftsmanship and depth of experience distinguishes their work. Their intimate understanding of what buyers want serves clients from far and wide. Their expertise comes from years of collecting before honing their lapidary and jewelry skills. Long ago they were just two enthusiasts who frequented the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show®. 

Wolfgang's career as a geologist led him to a deep understanding and appreciation for the natural beauty of minerals from all over the world. After moving west Wolfgang became known for the “best wulfenite specimen found in California”. He was the first to join the Society, in 1975. Diana joined later in 1995. Since then they both have been active supporters of the Society in various roles. 

The Society has provided a place to connect, share what they are learning, and gain inspiration from other members. It has provided many friendships, where a hobby can draw together such a motley group and a resource for continued learning. Catch Wolfgang or Diana at the next meeting and ask to see some of their latest work.

Wolfgang & Diana
73 & 61 years old
Primary focus: Lapidary and jewelry work
Society members since 1975 & 1995