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TGMS "Family Fun Day!"


Saturday, October 13, 2018, TGMS held its second TGMS Family Fun Day.

Living in Arizona, a rainy day is usually something that we don’t worry about; actually, something we are delighted to see. But leading up to that Saturday, the TV weather announcer kept upping the percentage of rain. Most of the time they come close but this Saturday, they were right!! Once it started to rain it rained ALL DAY!!


Being rockhounds, we are all pretty much optimistic. Because when we go out collecting, we are sure that we are going to find something spectacular. But on this very rainy day, our optimism wasn’t that high … but of all the events that where going on in the City of Tucson that weekend … OURS was inside. That is like having an “ace in the hole.”

At 9:57 a.m. we had our first participants through the door … Danelle and Jaden Arturet. They braved the rainy weather and came to our TGMS Family Fun Day! Because Jaden was our first child (literally) through the door, she got to pick out a very special mineral specimen for herself … it was a really nice quartz crystal. Thank you both for coming!


Everyone through the door was greeted with a smile, then handed a “mineral passport” card, plus a raffle ticket (for hourly TGMS Membership giveaway). The “mineral passport” cards where stamped by each station that a child stopped and visited with. They had lots to see! The different stations were; fossils, micros, meteorites, rock and mineral identification, fluorescent mineral display, walk through a cave, rock dig, hourly giveaways, rock identification, a coloring contest, and personalize a bracelet.


After taking an earth science trip around the room, they got to go to the “spin the wheel and win a prize!” We had mineral specimens, hats, gold pans, 10x eye loops, lanyards, bags, and a host of other fun things to choose from. It was fun listening to hoots and hollers when the “wheel” landed on a “TGMS Gold Seal.” That’s when they got to choose their OWN very special mineral specimen.

We had over 250 people participate. There were parents, grandparents and children that came to visit us on that fun and rainy day. We feel that we had a pretty successful event. We received lots of “Thank You’s”, donations to the cause and we even sold a few TGMS products. By all accounts … it was a SUCCESS! AND we all had fun!

A big “THANK YOU” goes out to: Tim McClain, Ron Gibbs, Mark Ascher, Brad Gibbs, Victoria Fila, Rose Marques, Kerry Towe, Mike Hollonbeck, Diane Braswell, Mary Kirpes, Kent Stauffer, Linda Stauffer, Daniel Kirpes, Christine Marikos, Mark Marikos, Ortrud Schuh, Louis Pilll, Bob Melzer, Bill Shelton, Myles Isbell, Jennifer Isbell, Dick Gottfried, Linda Oliver, Bre Oliver, Trey Oliver, Kyleigh Oliver, Cailen Oliver, Molly Radwany, Beverly Lynch, Susanne Collier, Marilyn Reynolds, Bruce Kaufman, Warren Lazar, Cathy Logan, Pat McClain.

So onward and upward to our next community outreach program and, hopefully, we will do this very special event again!