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From a young age, Mike has been a student of life. He started out in construction, serving as a job site cleaner, but quickly rose up the ranks becoming the youngest foreman in company history. Much of his rise he attributes to a can do attitude and a willingness to work hard. His humble approach has served him in his career, but it wasn't until he met Dr. Peter Megaw (a long time TGMS member) that his passion for minerals began.

Three years ago, Mike took a job remodeling Dr. Megaw's home. Seeing his mineral collection and asking a lot of questions, Mike took an interest in minerals. Through Megaw's recommendation, Mike joined TGMS and now serves as the clubs acting Vice President. Dr. Megaw has proved an inspirational mentor in Mike's life, fostering a deep curiosity about the mineral world.

Mike has taken the time to give back, having had the opportunity to recently teach a class on minerals at a local school. His excitement about the wonderful world of minerals and how we use them in our everyday life, left a lasting impression on the kids. Mike continues to grow his collection and enthusiastically support TGMS with his contagious excitement.

In his own words:

"I want to thank my loving wife for her patience, allowing me the time it takes to deal minerals and volunteer for the TGMS. I owe a huge thank you (which isn't enough) to Dr. Peter Megaw, who has been a great mentor/supporter to me. I hope to be just like him in the mineral world. All those in the TGMS who have inspired me and welcomed me to the family. And a warm hug and thank you to the club's backbone the special Ladies upstairs!"

41 years old
Primary focus: Collecting
Society member since 2012